A Little About Me

Hello everyone. My name is C.H. Lindloff. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself. Below are some highlights and a description of my current work in progress.

My home, Indian Oaks, in central Louisiana, serves as home base for me, my wonderful husband and our pets, five cats and a dog. My family is most important to me. Writing, Cajun and Chinese cuisine, hot tea, reading, gardening and cheering for the New Orleans Saints are some of my other favorite things!

I cut my writing teeth on essays and class assignments in high school. That was when I discovered my love of words and language.

In college, I continued writing and my essay on The American Adam won 1st place at the college, state and national levels.

I started writing business articles in 2000 for INC magazine. You can find some of my published business articles here: See my articles here!

My heart has always been in creative writing. I obtained my BA in English with minors in Journalism and Technical Writing. I love to read and learn. I am so excited to be able to pursue my dream of writing full time.

My current work in progress is an epic fantasy about a young princess who grows from a naive healer to a warrior queen and saves her world from enslavement by a powerful necromancer.

Come along with me on my epic journey into the land of fantasy, excitement and adventure.

Please accept my personal invitation to visit my Facebook page for updates and announcements at  CH Lindloff ~ Author